Express Facials

You should never be too busy to treat yourself! For great results in a limited time, an Ella Baché Express Facial is just what you need to feel special.

Deep Cleansing Express Facial Treatment – 45min $70
This purifying facial has been especially developed for young skin and any skin that suffers from congestion or acne. A totally cleansing and refreshing experience, your skin will instantly appear brighter and feel smoother, radiating youthful good health! Features double cleanse, double exfoliation, deep cleansing mask, treatment products and daily skincare.

Triple Expresso Facial Treatment – 30min $65
Based on a gradual exfoliation technique that delivers healthy glowing skin in just half an hour, this fast but scrumptious facial features double cleanse, 3 different types of exfoliation and daily skincare. For all skin types.

Radiance Intensive Eye Express Facial Treatment – 45min $70
A gentle massage and botanical peel-off mask make this the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Your eyes will be bright and radiant! Features double cleanse, eye exfoliation, massage, Radiance Eye Mask and daily skincare. For all skin types.

Rapid Results Eye-Lift Treatment – 30min $70
Designed to reduce the signs of ageing around teh delicate eye area and achieve maximum resutls in minimal time, this results driven treatment utilises cutting edge ingredient technology to target teh 3 biochemical triggers of ageing. A unique Qigong Ball drainage massage and Radiance Intensive Eye Mask is incorportated to enhance relaxation, while improving ingredient penetration and reducing puffiness.

Microdermabrasion Treatment – 30min $85, Course of 6: $425
A deeply exfoliating treatment designed to polish the skin. Skin will feel fresher, and smoother, with a reduction in scarring and pigmentation.The crystal microdermabrasion treatment is followed by a hydrating and soothing oil mask.

LED Light Therapy Treatment – 45min $100
First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. Painless and relaxing, this treatment can be used to teat fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damage, redness, pigmentation and infection.